PFH Goddess – Hera

Puppies from heaven Goddess Puppies from heaven Goddess

Born 18th of September 2007 together with her 5 siblings.

Hera is our family clown, a dog who always finds some wacky things to do. She is a beautiful TT with the typical TT-expression and mentality. She like to run fast, jump high and of course she likes to cuddle on the couch (which dog doesn’t do that?).
In the year 2010 she had her first litter, you can read more about her litter here, and 19th of July 2015 her second litter was born – our I-litter.

2012, she gain her title SEUCH after a couple of years in the showrings.
Since she was 2-3 years old we have been training to start a obedience competition. Because of the handlers fear to compete it took a while until we got out but just after three starts in rally obedience, at a age of 8,5 years, she got her brand new title RLD N. We have since then got some more competition together and have gained the title RLD F, started in obedience and have even got our first BOS at a age of 9,5 years old (June 2017).

Eyes Cataract, hereditary 20170809
Clear from NCL, RCD3 and PRA4.
Carrier of PLL.
PLL/NCL/RCD3/PRA4 are diseases that are genetically inherited and
through DNA-tests we can see if the dogs are clear, carrier or affected of the gene. If the dog are
carrier it most be matched by a dog that are clear.


For the showyear 2008
Stockholm WDSSweden4/7Torbjörn SkaarE
Tumba CircuitSweden5/7Metoda BrakovicE, 4
Piteå NATSweden24/8Kurt Nilsson1, 2, HP
For the showyear 2009
Skellefteå NATSweden2/5Hans Lehtinen2
Vännäs INTSweden13/6Britta Roos-Börjeson1, 3
Vännäs NATSweden14/6Irina Poletaeva1, 2
Gällivare INTSweden27/6Marija Kavcic1, 3
Skellefteå NATSweden29/8Tuula Plathan1, 1, CQ, 4th BB
Sollentuna NATSweden3/10Juliette Cuncliffe1
Sundsvall INTSweden4/10Inge Ronanader Brodal1, 3
For the showyear 2010
Skellefteå NATSweden28/8Cindy Pettersson1, reserv
For the showyear 2011
Skellefteå NATSweden16/4Birgitta SvarstadV
Piteå NATSweden22/5Laura Klein DagmarV
Piteå INTSweden17/7Veli-Pekka KumpumäkiE, 1, CQ, 3rd BB, CAC
KöpingSweden24/7Henrik JohanssonG
RansäterSweden31/7Cindy PetterssonV
For the showyear 2013
Stockholm INTSweden7/12Anthony MoranVery good
For the showyear 2014
Skellefteå NATSweden3/5Sabine RauhutE, 3
Tånga Hed NATSweden31/5Ashley ReidV
Tånga Hed TT-SPECSweden1/6Harriet AdebyV
Tromsö INTNorway15/6E
Gällivare INTSweden28/6Marko LepasaarE, 1
Piteå INTSweden6/7Carole GarhöferE, 1, CQ
Överkalix NATSweden23/8Arnaldo de MedeirosE, 1, CQ, 1st BM, CAC, BOB, BIG-4
Piteå TT-SPECSweden7/9Moa PerssonE, 1, HP, 1st BM, club-CAC, BOB
Sollentuna NATSweden4/10Krista GuziolekV, 4
For the showyear 2015
Överkalix NATSweden22/8Zaur AgabeyliE, 1, CQ, 2nd BM, r-CAC
Sundsvall INTSweden10/10Regina Tromp-PruijnV
For the showyear 2017
Gällivare INTSweden1/7Ekaterina SenashenkoE, 2
Piteå INTSweden16/7Moa PerssonE, 1, CQ, 1st BM, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Överkalix NATSweden13/8Birthe ScheelE, 1, CQ, 2nd BM, CAC, champion SE CH
For the showyear 2018
Piteå NATKarin Bergbom27/5Karin BergbomE, 4, CQ

Rally Obedience

Nordmaling, Sweden20160522BeginnerCarina Norberg79 p
Umeå, Sweden20160611BeginnerCarina Norberg + Louise Hernander88 + 99 p (RLD N)
Piteå, Sweden20160717ContinuationIngrid Dahlqvist + Barbro Backlund50 + 57 p
Luleå, Sweden20160807ContinuationJeanette Nordqvist63+ 89 p
Skellefteå, Sweden20161008ContinuationCarina Norberg78 + 53 p
Kalix, Sweden 20161126ContinuationCarola Hag + Lisa Sandström53 + 80 p (RLD F)
Gällivare, Sweden20170610AdvancedKatarina Strömberg21 + 68 p
Kalix, Sweden20170729AdvancedSandra Engström + Anette Söderlund46 + 52 p
Kalix, Sweden20170730AdvancedDiana Hukki + Sandra Engström24 p + disq.
Piteå, Sweden20171019AdvancedDenise LundholmDisq.


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