Guardian Angel of Tibetan Goldies – Enzo

Born 23th of November 2012 together with 5 siblings
Bred by Petra Petrovic, kennel Tibetan Goldies, Croatia

Guardian Angel of Tibetan Goldies - Enzo
Guardian Angel of Tibetan Goldies - Enzo

Enzo is the male I have waited for a long time and he is wonderful in every way you can think of! May 17th 2013 I traveled by plane down to Hungary and Budapest to pick up a male that needed a new home. It was many butterflies in my stomach that day and ”What am I doing?” was my thoughts all through the day…

Enzo is perfect in size (40cm) with great angulations, movement, head, expression and a beautiful topline. He has a little too tight tailbow in my opinion but his great mind and mentality smoothes his few flaws away.

Health results
Hips – A  (HD-index 102)
Elbows without remarks
Eyes UA 20170809
Known mentality with shots (Swedish test called BPH)
PLL/NCL/RCD3/PRA4 Her. clear/Her. clear/Clear/Clear
PLL/NCL/RCD3/PRA4 are diseases that are genetically inherited and
through DNA-tests we can see if the dogs are clear, carrier or affected of the gene. If the dog are
carrier it most be matched by a dog that are clear.


For the showyear 2013
Stockholm INT, Sweden7/12Anthony MoranVery good
For the showyear 2014
Skellefteå NAT, Sweden3/5Sabine RauhutE, 3
Tånga Hed NAT, Sweden31/5Ashley ReidV
Tånga Hed TT-SPEC, Sweden1/6Harriet AdebyV
Tromsö INT, Norway15/6E
Gällivare INT, Sweden28/6Marko LepasaarE, 1
Piteå INT, Sweden6/7Carole GarhöferE, 1, CQ
Överkalix NAT, Sweden23/8Arnaldo de MedeirosE, 1, CQ, 1st BM, CAC, BOB, BIG-4
Piteå TT-SPEC, Sweden7/9Moa Persson1, HP, 1st BM, club-CAC, BOB
Sollentuna NAT, Sweden4/10Krista GuziolekV, 4
For the showyear 2015
Överkalix NAT, Sweden22/8Zaur AgabeyliE, 1, CQ, 2nd BM, r-CAC
Sundsvall INT, Sweden10/10Regina Tromp-PruijnV
For the showyear 2017
Gällivare INT, Sweden1/7Ekaterina SenashenkoE, 2
Piteå INT, Sweden16/7Moa PerssonE, 1, CQ, 1st BM, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Överkalix NAT, Sweden13/8Birthe ScheelE, 1, CQ, 2nd BM, CAC, champion SE CH
For the showyear 2018
Piteå NAT, Sweden27/5Karin BergbomE, 4, CQ
Gällivare NORDIC, Sweden29/6Johan AnderssonE, 3
Uleåborg INT, Finland8/7Saija JuutilainenE, 4
Piteå TT-SPEC, Sweden13/7Svein Erik Björnes3
Piteå INT, Sweden15/7Phil ThompsonE, 2, CQ, 2nd BM, CACIB

Rally Obedience

Skellefteå, Sweden20161008BeginnerCarina Norberg54 + 70 p
Kalix, Sweden20161125BeginnerLisa Sandström56 p
Kalix, Sweden 20161126BeginnerCarola Hag69 p
Gällivare, Sweden20170610BeginnerKatarina Strömberg45 + 94 p
Kalix, Sweden20170729BeginnerAnette Söderlund83 p (RLD N)
Kalix, Sweden20170730BeginnerSandra Engström83 p
Piteå, Sweden20171019ContinuationLisa Sandström55 p

Enzos offspring


One beautiful boy was born 20th of May 2018. It was a late date and we are lucky that Shang Di’s Bia, also called Tequila, could give birth to this boy, Cornelis. A boy with a lot of charm and personality.

 Enzos offspring


Karot-Hegyi KormosCH Barwa Sipa-Khorlo
Miszei Admiral Venita
NoraMiszei Admiral Penso
Himalaji Eder Kinga
Absolutly Swetty Tibet Magic
Araki Incognito
EE CH FI CH GB CH SE CH WW-08 Araki Fantastic Freddy of Capeldewi
Araki Smashing Pumpkins
Mcson-Po Missy Von Khampa-La
HU CH Jo-Cee-Fuz Von Khampa-La
CH Kyitruk Gang Kang v Khampa-La