PFH Gorgeous – Thea

Born 18th of September 2007 together with her 5 siblings
B-hips | Eyes Catarakt, hereditary | PLL/NCL – Clear/Carrier
PLL/NCL are two diseases that are genetically inherited and all breeding dogs are tested before breeding so we can stop the spread of the diseases.

Thea is a squire lady with beautiful TT-expression, great angulations and wonderful coat. She talks almost all the time, especially when a familymember comes home and she would do almost anything for some candy.

In the year 2009 she gain her first titles, SE UCH and NO UCH, and the year after she gain the titles C.I.B and FI UCH. We have been to a total of 28 shows(2008-2012), on 24 she has gain CQ/HP and she has 23 top 4 placements.

Under 2016 we have been out on some competition in rallyobedience and have after only 10 competition gain another title, RLD N, and have only one qualifying result left to RLD F. From 2017 the bar for qualifying result is getting higher and the titles is even more difficult to gain but we are one it and will be back. 2017 she gain RLD F and have tried some competition in advanced class but are now happily retired.



For the showyear 2008
Stockholm WDSSweden4/7Torbjörn SkaarV
Tumba CircuitSweden5/7Metoda BrakovicE
Piteå NATSweden24/8Kurt Nilsson1, 3, HP
For the showyear 2009
Skellefteå NATSweden2/5Hans Lehtinen1, 1, CQ, 2nd BB, CAC
Vännäs INTSweden13/6Britta Roos-Börjeson1, 2, CQ, 2nd BB, R-CACIB
Vännäs NATSweden14/6Irina Poletaeva1, 2, CQ, 2nd BB
Gällivare INTSweden27/6Marija Kavcic1, 1, CQ, 1st BB, CAC, CACIB, BOB
UleåborgFinland18/7Juha PutkonenE, 2, CQ, 3rd BB
Uleåborg INTFinland19/7Tuire OkkolaE, 1, CQ, 1st BB, CAC, CACIB, BOS
Skellefteå NATSweden29/8Tuula Plathan1, 1, CQ, 1st BB, CAC, BOS
Sollentuna NATSweden3/10Juliette Cuncliffe1, 4
Sundsvall INTSweden4/10Inge Ronanader Brodal1, 1, CQ, 1st BB, CAC, champion, CACIB, BOB
Tromsö NATNorway24/10Zoran BrankovicE, 1, CQ, 1st BB, CAC, BOS
Tromsö INTNorway25/10Kerstin NilssonE, 1, CQ, 1st BB, CAC, champion, CACIB, BOB
For the showyear 2010
Kemi NATFinland25/7Irina PoletaevaE, 2, CQ, 2nd BB, CAC, champion
SvenstavikSweden7/8Pirjo Aaltonen1, 1, CQ, 1st BB, CACIB, international champion, BOB
Skellefteå NATSweden28/8Cindy Pettersson1, 1, CQ, 2nd BB
Skellefteå TT-specSweden28/8Gunilla Albrigtsen1, HP, 2nd BB
For the showyear 2011
Skellefteå NATSweden16/4Birgitta SvarstadE, 1, CQ, 1st BB, BOS
Piteå NATSweden22/5Laura Klein DagmarE, 1, CQ, 1st BB, BOB
Piteå INTSweden17/7Veli-Pekka KumpumäkiE, 1, CQ, 2nd BB
KöpingSweden24/7Henrik JohanssonE, 2, CQ, 2nd BB
Vejen INTDenmark28/7J.R. DoumaE, 2, CQ, 4th BB
Vejen INTDenmark29/7Rony DoedijnsE, 4, CQ
Ransäter INTSweden31/7Cindy PetterssonE
For the showyear 2012
Skellefteå NATSweden6/5Gunilla AlbrigtsenE, 1, CQ, 1st BB, BOB
Piteå NATSweden20/5Svante FriskE, 2, CQ, 3rd BB
Piteå TT-SPECSweden14/7Susanna Rusanen1, HP, 1st BB, club-CAC, BOS
Piteå INTSweden15/7Harto StockmariE, 2, CQ, 2nd BB, R-CACIB
For the showyear 2013
Stockholm INTSweden7/12Anthony MoranE
For the showyear 2014
Skellefteå NATSweden3/5Sabine RauhutE, 1, CQ, 1st BB, BOB, BIS-2
Tånga Hed NATSweden31/5Ashley ReidE
Tånga Hed TT-SPECSweden1/6Harriet Adeby1, HP
Tromsö INTNorway15/6E, 1, CQ, 1st BB, CACIB, BOS
Gällivare INTSweden28/6Marko LepasaarE, 1, CQ, 1st BB, CACIB, BOS
Piteå INTSweden6/7Carole GarhöferE, 1, CQ, 1st BB, CACIB, BOS
Överkalix NATSweden23/8Arnaldo de MedeirosE, 1, CQ, 1st BB, BOS
Piteå TT-SPECSweden7/9Moa PerssonE, 1, HP, 1st BB, club-CAC, BOS
Sollentuna NATSweden4/10Krista GuziolekE
For the showyear 2016
Piteå INTSweden15/7Michael LeonardE, 1, CQ, BOS-vet
Piteå TT-SPECSweden16/7Anne-Cathrine Unelsröd1, HP, BOS-vet
For the showyear 2017
Piteå NATSweden15/7Torbjörn SkaarE, 2, CQ
For the showyear 2018
Gällivare NORDICSweden29/6Johan AnderssonE, 2, CQ, 2nd BB, R-NORDC
Piteå TT-SPECSweden13/7Svein Erik Björnes1, HP, 4th BB, BOB-senior (10+ year)

Rally Obedience

Nordmaling, Sweden20160522BeginnerCarina Norberg63 p
Umeå, Sweden20160611BeginnerCarina Norberg + Louise Hernander86 + 82 p
Piteå, Sweden20160716BeginnerIngrid Dahlqvist + Barbro Backlund95 + 76 p (RLD N)
Luleå, Sweden20160807ContinuationJeanette Nordqvist68+ 85 p
Skellefteå, Sweden20161008ContinuationCarina Norberg71 p
Kalix, Sweden 20161126ContinuationCarola Hag + Lisa Sandström34 + 46 p
Gällivare, Sweden20170611ContinuationKatarina Strömberg94 p (RLD F)
Kalix, Sweden20170729AdvancedSandra Engström + Anette SöderlundDisq. + 42 p
Kalix, Sweden20170730AdvancedDiana Hukki + Sandra EngströmDisq. + disq.
Piteå, Sweden20171019AdvancedDenise LundholmDisq.
Kalix, Sweden20180711AdvancedLisa SandströmDisq.
Piteå, Sweden20180929AdvancedLouise HernanderDisq.